Will an Automatic Car Wash Damage Your Car in Gilbert, AZ?

You’re not alone if you’ve ever wondered if an automatic car wash will damage your car. Automatic car washes can damage your car’s finish, even the paint! Even putting your vehicle in Neutral doesn’t always help. You may check the manufacturer’s manual to see if your model is affected. If you’re unsure, check out carwash industry news. Some car models are more susceptible to damage than others. 

Drivers of Acura TLXs, Lincolns, and Lexus hybrids may need to turn off certain features, such as dynamic cruise control and automatic wipers, as well as other functions. It’s best to check with the car wash before taking it for a wash. But remember, no automatic car wash is entirely safe. Be sure to take your car to a car wash that uses the latest technology to prevent damage.

Another primary concern about automatic car washes is how they wash your car. Although they’re convenient, they can damage your car’s finish. Many car wash machines use high-speed brushing that could scratch your car’s finish. They also use big wet mats to smash dirt into the paint. The latter may even scrape the top layer of paint. So if you’re worried about the color of your car, consider an automatic car wash instead.

Even if automatic car washes use touchless technology, they can still cause damage. A soft cloth is better for washing, but a rotating bristle system can leave a layer of water all over your car. In addition to the paint damage, some automatic car washes also damage the wheels and brake dust. It’s essential to keep these items clean. This way, your vehicle will look new again in no time.

Despite the benefits, automatic car washes can also harm your car’s clear coat. During the wash, dirt particles can be trapped in brushes, damaging the clear skin. Road tar and mud can trap moisture, which can cause corrosion. Salt and bird droppings can also eat away at the paint finish. And finally, acid rain can corrode the metal of your car. If you’re not careful, these can ruin your paint finish.

Touchless car washes use high-pressure water jets to wash your car without touching it. Some of them use brushless systems, which minimize the possibility of damage. While touchless techniques can prevent most cosmetic damage, others use strong detergents that may harm your paint over time. Then there’s the risk of damage caused by heavy mud and road salt. These contaminants can take many cycles to remove. So it’s better to keep your car clean than to put it through the hassle of an automatic car wash.






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